Our Vision

Education takes us into the conscious world. It involves activities that are intended to stimulate thinking and foster learning. It instills proper value in tender minds when they are malleable. The famous Greek Philosopher Socrates was of the opinion that:-

“Education should be a medium to draw out what already is within the Student”

As we look forward to the future, we foresee our school as a place where quality and education means educating the child as a whole. Our aim is to provide knowledge, skills, awareness, manners and beliefs that are essential for a Creative and Successful life. We are aware that the best objectives are best achieved when the school provides an environment in which the teachers, Parents, Staff and others develop and practice fundamental Values that benefit the academic, emotional and social needs of Children. The co-operation and support of Parents is Vital to attain their goal. The education of our Young One’s is of paramount importance.

May our Bhagwan continue to bless school Richly in the coming years,
so that we can be a blessing to the Community

“Millions saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked WHY”

AEPS aims is to develop a Scientific outlook and an attitude of learning throughout life. Our process includes Case studies, Discussions Investigations, Problem solving, Role play Project work, Field Trips and Other interactive & Co-curricular activities.

Standards of Achievement

 To challenge every student to explore their potential.

To respect differences accepting the views and beliefs of others.

Moral Education
To foster high moral and ethical standards.

To educate students for life.

To provide stimulating and challenging learning.

Team Work Generosity
To develop collaboration, Co-operation and community spirit

Through these seven aims, we set out to work in harmony with the spirit of the constitution of India declared as Human Rights.

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"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. ~ Jean Houston "