Our Philosophy

“Be wise in the use of Time as lost time is never found again” The question is not How much Time do we have ? The question is “ What shall we do with it?

There is a deep relationship between life and Time. It is true that life is another version of Time. Life of a human being is also spent with the passage of Time. Therefore, Time is really Valuable for a Man. Man has to prove himself within the available life span.. . . .  The success of failure of life depends upon how we utilize our Time. Different people choose different Ventures in life but the main aim of every human being is to attain happiness, wealth, prestige and mental peace. This is not easy. We remain involved in trivial issues and our important works are left, incomplete and ignored. Generally people try to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams but on being unsuccessful they complain about scarcity of Time.

Time management is an important aspect of human life, so that we not only do our work but also avoid unnecessary hurry and Tension. If we make a time- table and merge it effectively, we will find opportune in fulfillment but there is a need of determination and hard work to follow it. 
“This is the motto of Aasthians”.

“Learn from Yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow”
“Time Flies……….You’re the Pilot”


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"At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. ~ Jean Houston "