Withdrawl Norms

1. One month notice in writing or a month's fees in lieu of such notice has to be given to take the Transfer Certificate.
2. Student, leaving school in May, will have to pay the fee for June as well.
3. Transfer Certificate is not issued untill all dues of the school are settled.
4. The school can ask a student to leave on the following grounds.
(i)  Indiscipline
(ii) Repeated detention in a class

Mode Of Payment

1. Monthly fee should be deposited from 1 to 10 of given months:-

April-----------------th UP to 10 April-------------(April + May)
July------------------th UP to 10 July-------------(June + Sep.)
August--------------th UP to 10 August----------(Aug. + Sep.)
October-------------th UP to 10 October---------(Oct. + Nov.)
December----------th UP to 10 December-----(Dec. + Jan)
February------------th UP to 10 February--------(Feb. + Mar.)

2. After that late fee fine will be charged as mentioned below:-

(a) If any student fail to pay the fees in full by 10 , of the month a fine of Rs 20/- will be charged weekly till end of the month.
(b) Thereafter Rs.100/- will be charged next first week of the month.
(c) Thereafter Rs.200/- will be charged upto 15 of next month in which the fee is due.
3. There after the students name will struck off the roll and the student may be re-admitted only at the discretion of the Principal on payment of all outstanding dues and fines.
4. Fee can be deposited in advance for any number of months of for the full session, if so desired.
5. Parents may kindly keep the fee deposit receipts in safe custody and produce this to the school as proof of their having made the payment, if required.

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