School Conveyance Rule

School Conveyance Rule

1. Students are expected to be at their bus/van stops at least five minutes prior to the arrival of the bus.
2. Bus/Van will not wait for the last comers.
3. Children should always stay away from the main road until the bus/van arrives.
4. When the bus/van is in motion, students must not move around or lean out of the bus/van.
5. students will be held responsible for any damage to the bus/van caused buy their negligence or vandalism.
6. shouting, unruly behaviour is strictly prohibited as the driver's attention can be distracted.
7. Monitors and related conveyance person are responsible for maintain discipline in the bus/van

Code Of Conduct

1.Students are not allowed to wear any jewellery, fancy hair clips make-up, long nails or nail polish.
2. Students should display polite by wherever they go. They should always remember that they are always remember that they are always judged      every where by their conduct
3. Vulgar, rough (unparliament language) and regional language are not allowed in school campus.
4. They should not loiter on the campus.
5. They should move from on class place to another silently in an unbroken line.
6. They must keep their class room corridors and surrounding clean and throw the litter only in dustbins.
7. All the students of AEPS must conduct themselves in such a manner so as to ensure the mentioned above


1. Be in time for school in Proper uniform.
2.Take a bath daily, keep your teeth, hands, face, nose and nails clean and your hair well brushed.
3. Girls should tie their hair properly and long hair should be plaited braided neatly with black or house colour rubber band.
4. Always wish your elders.
5. Always use four magical words Please, Sorry, Thank You and Excuse me according to appropriate use of them.
6. Do not write anything on the wall or any where in the school premises.
7. Allow elder/seniors people to go before you. Don't steal ,always speak truth, be polite, do hard work and be disciplined

Precious Healthy Tips

1. Breakfast is a must. Please don't send children to school without giving them breakfast.
2. Junk food and soft drinks should be avoided.
3. Encourage drinking adequate amount of water per day.
4. Encourage Raw fruits and vegetables to be a part of meals.
5. Walking is essential for a good digestion.
6. Erect Posture to be maintained while eating.

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